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buy bitcoin in dubai
buy bitcoin in dubai

Coinsfera is a cryptocurrency cashpoint where you can buy bitcoin in Dubai with cash / sell bitcoin in Dubai with cash in seconds. Coinsfera services in Turkey, in United Arab Emirates, Kosovo and in England. In addition, with Coinsfera you can buy bitcoin in Istanbul with cash /and sell bitcoin in Istanbul with cash.

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Our Services

Ability to Buy
With Cash

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), and other cryptocurrencies with cash instantly. We can give you as much or as little help as you need. We can help you navigate the world of cryptocurrency and become a holder in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Blockchain consultation

Our best in class team can offer you all kinds of consultation in the blockchain/crypto sphere. The blockchain has the potential to change the world, with amazing possibilities not only for cryptocurrency and finance but also for logistics and supply chain management.

Buy and Sell
with Credit Card

Buying and selling with a credit or debit card is one of the most popular ways to buy cryptocurrency. It shouldn’t be confusing or hard to do, like with so many other exchanges. We make it easy and we offer competitive fees when doing so.

How to buy or sell Bitcoin in Dubai and in Istanbul with 3 steps?

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Find our branch locations on maps or get in contact via WhatsApp, Telegram or Phone Number
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Visit our offices located in Istanbul or Dubai
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With the help of our employees Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies with cash easily
Find our branch locations on maps or get in contact via WhatsApp, Telegram or Phone Number
Visit our offices located in Istanbul or Dubai
With the help of our employees Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies with cash easily

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Why Coinsfera?

Competitive pricing icon

Competitive pricing

With small commissions, we offer Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies from our trusted International network in order to deliver to our customers. You get competitive prices along with all the assistance you need to make yourself a stakeholder in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. We know that cryptocurrency is the future and that’s why we keep our commissions low so that the low fees of investing in and using cryptocurrency can shine through and get passed along to our customers.

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Security is a very crucial topic in the blockchain industry. Our offices provide high-security standards which are highly appreciated by customers.
All transactions that you carry out on cryptocurrency blockchains will be pseudonymous, meaning that your name will not be associated with them. This makes them very hard to trace. Any sensitive information you provide is treated with the utmost care and concern. We respect privacy as a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency movement and strive to extend this value to everything we do.

Flexible trade limits icon

Flexible trade limits

You can buy and sell large amounts of cryptocurrency. You shouldn’t be limited in how much or how little you can trade. The market conditions should be your only concern when making investment decisions. That’s why we don’t limit the size of your orders. You can trade as much or as little cryptocurrency as you like. Work with our Trading Desk team for high volume orders.

What Can You Do With Your Own Cryptocurrency?


Most consumers are keeping their Bitcoin in the hope that its value will increase. As Bitcoin becomes more and more accepted as a method of payment and a store of value, the demand for it will increase and its price will increase along with it. The same is true for the myriad of other cryptocurrencies, many of them designed to cater to specific needs. Some cryptocurrencies even earn cryptocurrency just from holding them, offering an opportunity to earn passive income. You can store your cryptocurrency on a private wallet or on other types of wallet for future use.


Coinsfera also offers an OTC option which helps customers to sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for cash quickly and easily. You will want to do this when you want to cash out the gains in the cryptocurrency you have purchased or if you need the cash equivalent of your cryptocurrency. You might also want to sell your cryptocurrency if it has lost a lot of value and you think it might lose more. But exercising the patience of continuing to hold even while a market is down is often rewarded with the value of the cryptocurrency bouncing back after a period of time.


Now that Cryptocurrencies getting more recognized, companies provide options to users to pay with Bitcoin for traveling, purchasing gift cards, have a meal at restaurants and more. There are even debit cards that allow you to spend your cryptocurrency just like cash. This gives you easy access to your funds and gives you the option to simply spend your cryptocurrency when you decide it’s time to sell. Direct acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is always growing and this is even cheaper than cryptocurrency-based debit cards. So, unlike with many investments, you are still able to access the funds and freely spend them whenever you choose.


If you already have some amount of other crypto coins on your private wallet, you can convert them to your choice of other cryptocurrencies. There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies, all with different functions and capabilities. Ethereum is considered the second most heavily-traded cryptocurrency and expands upon Bitcoin’s role as a store of value to include smart contracts, a mechanism for building distributed applications. Other cryptocurrencies focus on the IoT (Internet of things), intellectual property protection and many more. You can convert your Bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency, opening up a vast array of investment possibilities.


In contrast to sending money abroad using banks, Bitcoin can be sent almost instantly to anyone in the world with lower fees than with fiat money. If you deal with a lot of different currencies in your region, it can be advantageous to use cryptocurrency as the conversion fees can be avoided and if any fees are involved in the cryptocurrency transaction, they are generally much lower than that of traditional financial services. It is even cheaper to convert from fiat to cryptocurrency and back to another fiat in most cases. Sending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is easy and more secure than traditional financial transactions.


Donate Bitcoin to organizations such as that distributes donations to people who are in need. There are many less fortunate people in the world, many of whom don’t have access to basic financial services. Services like empowers people by giving them access to cryptocurrency funds that they can convert to their local currency or use as-is to buy goods that they need. Many charities accept Bitcoin directly as in many countries, there is a tax advantage to donating appreciated assets like cryptocurrency.

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