Buy apartment with Bitcoin in Dubai and in Istanbul

The Growth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s popularity significantly increased, especially when it took a wild leap in 2017. When it reached an all-time high above 19,800 dollars in December and then fell below 11,000 dollars in the same month. This indicates the high volatility of the cryptocurrency. This case was 3 years ago, and the situation changed significantly in both the fiat money market and the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has become stronger and currently holds in the range of 9000 dollars. As a result, the growth in the introduction of cryptocurrencies into everyday life led to the fact that now you can buy any property, or rather a house.

The real estate market is already partially immersed in cryptography. Apartments and houses can now be purchased in Dubai & in Istanbul with Bitcoin. Blockchain makes the process much easier and safer. So, having understood the current state of Bitcoin two main questions arise: Is it possible to buy a house with Bitcoin and is it safe?

buy apartment with btc

The Process of Buying an Apartment with Bitcoin

Now, there is nothing strange in buying an apartment with Bitcoin in Dubai & in Istanbul or any other cryptocurrency, this is a standard process. First, you need to either find a realtor who will choose you a house with all the requirements or find a seller who will not mind sell it for Bitcoins. After agreeing with the price with potential sellers, you will need to find a lawyer for cryptocurrencies to help in this case. And thus, he makes sure that what is the percentage of tax and whether it will be at all when buying any property with Bitcoin in Dubai & in Istanbul. Then the BTC is transferred to the specified wallet at the current exchange price agreed in the purchase and sale agreement. Besides, for the correct execution of the purchase process, it is best to talk to a trading agency that can process cryptocurrencies as payment for the sale of homes.

As you can see, the process of buying independently is quite difficult and requires a lot of additional funds. But there is an alternative way to buy an apartment in Dubai & in Istanbul – Coinsfera. Also, we offer one of the most convenient methods to buy a villa or apartment in Dubai & in Istanbul with Bitcoin.

  • First, you need to choose the apartment that you want to buy.
  • Make an appointment with Coinsfera staff via phone, Whatsapp, or Telegram.
  • Visit our Bitcoinshop in Dubai & in Istanbul (you can find it on Google Maps).
  • Pay with Bitcoin and get easily your apartment.
  • And we will do the rest!

Immediately there is a question of why you should buy an apartment in Dubai & in Istanbul with Bitcoin. What are its advantages?


Advantages of buying real estate with BTC

Cryptocurrency has already begun to consider itself as a major player in the commercial real estate market. Thanks to the main principles of the blockchain (security and transparency), buying an apartment in Dubai & in Istanbul makes it an ideal option for mortgage and real estate transactions. Most people exchange any real estate with Bitcoin. As a result of the emerging trend of accepting Bitcoin as payment and exchanging buyers ‘ cash for them, the process of buying and selling apartments in Dubai & in Istanbul with Bitcoin is becoming commonplace.


  • Diversification. The Golden rule of investors is to divide their investments into several currencies, both fiat and cryptocurrency. And the appearance of this kind of opportunity is a great chance. First, because real estate investment is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to diversify your portfolio.
  • Additional income. Also, one of the advantages is that investors who have made money on cryptocurrency may just want to leave their real estate. In other words, they will not make a profit on the volatility of Bitcoin.
  • Conversation. Сrypto investors who are willing to make a great offer will have an edge in competitive markets. Due to this, more and more ads for real estate sales have the sign ” accepting BTC”.
  • Security and fraud minimization. The blockchain generates personal, certified digital identifiers, thereby protecting data from fraud. This system offers a more modern and reliable storage of funds than a traditional Bank.
  • Efficiency. The next advantage of using cryptocurrencies to buy an apartment is the low cost (including international transactions). It helps to reduce the payment of transfer and currency fees, thereby reducing the cost of real estate.
  • Rent. The rental market is growing rapidly, so using an alternative payment option (Bitcoin) will have a good effect on him. Moreover, we can assume that the rental market will only grow because of millennials make up half of humanity. In other words, millennials are much more relaxed about renting compared to other generations. Thus, paying rent using a cryptocurrency such as BTC can become commonplace. Furthermore, there are assumptions that Bitcoin will help this market grow.


  • The limited number of sellers. The number of merchants accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is still relatively small. Although every day the use of cryptocurrency is growing exponentially.
  • Unnecessary expenses. Compared to the second point in the «Advantages» section, this is a completely alternative situation. When purchasing any property with Bitcoin, buyers may simply miss the opportunity to take advantage of the high volatility of the cryptocurrency. As a result, it depends on the investor and their preferences and further forecasts of cryptocurrency growth.
  • Taxes. Because the cryptocurrency tax is not regulated by the state, the purchase and sale of any real estate with Bitcoin can become a problem for taxpayers. Trading with BTC is usually subject to capital gains tax.

The solution to this problem is the Coinsfera platform. Our qualified specialists will be happy to advise you and help you in any case.