Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul

The most widely used virtual currency in the world, Bitcoin (BTC) has been talked about a lot since its creation in 2009. It operates differently than the financial system we are used to. In recent years, cryptocurrencies, especially BTC is the most preferred digital currency that is bought and sold in Turkey. It continues to attract the attention of individuals and professionals.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily and quickly, Coinsfera Istanbul will be a really trusted partner for you. Coinsfera is a cryptocurrency cashpoint which allows you to buy and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies with cash or credit card in a secure way. Buying Bitcoin isn’t a difficult process with Coinsfera. Our function is simple: to exchange cash for Bitcoin, or vice versa.


Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular investments and assets of the modern world. It is the global currency that humanity needs. By its decentralized nature, Bitcoin is the digital currency that operates solely through its users and without a central authority. Even Bitcoin developers have no power to force an update in the protocol if enough users, developers, or miners disagree. You alone have private control over your wallet. Bitcoin introduces the freedom of physical currency in the web world while making payments easier and more secure. Bitcoin can offer concrete alternatives to various old, heavy, and costly payment systems. Nowadays, more and more e-businesses are accepting this method of payment. And it makes online commerce more accessible.

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Why choose Coinsfera?

We know that you have some options when it comes to purchasing cryptocurrency in Istanbul. However, many people consider Coinsfera the best option for anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin in Istanbul in the most convenient, easy, and secure way. You can get cryptocurrency you want directly using cash or credit card within 10-15 minutes.

Our professional members help you convert your fiat currency into bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. We offer a dedicated support team, FAQs, and guides. You can count on us throughout the whole process, and if this is your first time buying cryptocurrency, don’t worry. You are in good hands!


One of the main benefits of working with Coinsfera is that you won’t be taking a chance when you choose us. We are one of the region’s leading providers of Bitcoin services and we have built up a reputation for providing these services in a reputable way. You can always count on us!


Buy instantly. We have worked hard to ensure that Coinsfera customers have access to the most convenient Bitcoin buying process in Istanbul and the surrounding areas.


Because of our proprietary process and refined supply chain, we can offer some of the most competitive rates for buying Bitcoin in Istanbul. When you purchase Bitcoin from Coinsfera, you can be confident that you are getting the most affordable rates possible and getting a great deal on your Bitcoin purchase.

Ready to Get Started and Buy Bitcoin in Istanbul?

Of course, investing in bitcoin compared to other financial products and stocks isn’t easy, but the effort is well worth it. Finding the right exchange that will accept your fiat and provide the crypto you’re looking for, handling transactions such as long security protocols and bank transfers may cause you to give up in the middle of the process. But Coinsfera Istanbul allows anyone to buy or sell Bitcoins instantly and securely with cash regardless of their level of expertise. With our process, you’ll experience as little stress as possible when purchasing your Bitcoin.

Here are the steps that you will have to take to buy bitcoin in Istanbul:

  • Make an appointment with Coinsfera staff via phone, Whatsapp, or Telegram.
    If you want to buy bitcoin from Coinsfera Istanbul, the first step will be to make an appointment with our professional staff members. We offer flexible scheduling times and can accommodate you on short notice much of the time.
  • Visit our Bitcoinshop in Istanbul conveniently located Çarşıkapı, Ç.Nuruosmaniye Cd. No:27, 34120 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey.
    Coinsfera Istanbul is the primary target of those who want to buy bitcoin. We offer a convenient office location to make sure that your transaction can be completed quickly, and safely.
  • Pay with cash and get your Bitcoin.
    The final step to completing the transaction is to make a payment. We offer you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies with a variety of payment methods for your convenience.