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Ability to Buy Cryptoccurencies with Cash

Buy Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies with cash instantly. Trying to buy cryptocurrency on your own can be challenging. You don’t need any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency to take advantage of our services. We can give you as much or as little help as you need. We can help you navigate the world of cryptocurrency and become an owner in the cryptocurrency of your choice.
It can be challenging to get started with cryptocurrency. The popularity of cryptocurrency has risen immensely in the past few years, generating a great deal of curiosity. But only a select few have gone through the process of actually buying or spending it. Many people are more accustomed to tangible forms of currency. We strive to bridge this gap and bring the benefits of cryptocurrency to you with the same ease of use and level of comfort that any physical national currency has.

There are many barriers that stand between someone with a curiosity about cryptocurrency and the actual purchase of cryptocurrency. What is a cryptocurrency wallet? What is a Bitcoin address? What is a private key? What is a seed phrase? All of these questions can easily bewilder someone trying to establish ownership in Bitcoin. We are here to remove these barriers between mere curiosity and actual ownership in the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies and help you buy BTC with cash.
Our friendly employees are available to help you get started with cryptocurrency, even if you bring no knowledge to the table whatsoever. They will help you buy crypto with cash, which avoids many of the regulatory hassles that you may encounter when buying cryptocurrency online. We help turn your tangible money into digital cryptocurrency and help make the connection between the traditional financial system and the exciting and dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Doing this helps to speed the adoption of cryptocurrency and help it develop into an even popular medium of exchange—bringing lower banking fees to everyone.

The ability to buy with cash is a great thing for those who are not well-served by the traditional financial system. Buying with cash allows you to purchase cryptocurrency that you can spend anywhere that Bitcoin is accepted. Putting your savings in Bitcoin can guard against inflation in times when your national currency is losing value. Using Bitcoin to convert from one national currency to another can also be much cheaper than attempting to do so through the traditional financial system. The lower costs associated with transactions in Bitcoin also make Bitcoin much more attractive than fiat currency for spending and banking.

Blockchain Consultation

Our best-in-class team can offer you all kinds of consultation in the blockchain/crypto sphere. The blockchain has the potential to change the world, with amazing possibilities not only for cryptocurrency and finance but also for logistics and supply chain management.

Owning your own blockchain node has great benefits when it comes to controlling your financial prosperity. With regard to Bitcoin, there are many rules governing Bitcoin nodes that are optional. This means that you can customize a Bitcoin node quote extensively to fit your own personal preference. Not only can your node serve as your own personal Bitcoin wallet, but it also validates your transactions and the transactions of others. By owning your own node, you no longer have to trust other Bitcoin nodes beyond the validations that your own node performs. It’s like getting your car tuned by your own personal car shop. You know you can trust the staff, the operation, and the final result—because you are the boss.


Owning your own blockchain, whether for financial applications or any other purpose, is even more powerful than owning your own Bitcoin node. Blockchains have business, financial, security, and trading applications. Private blockchains give you the ability to set your own rules entirely and to customize your setup to fit your specific application. The encryption that is inherent in the design of the blockchain makes it highly secure. This means that highly sensitive applications like the storing of medical history or the management of assets can be securely stored in a blockchain without exposing this sensitive data to unauthorized users. Public blockchains can harness the power of openness and decentralization to establish a balance of power between all participants in the blockchain. Blockchains are being used for content distribution, protection of intellectual property, secure storage of digital assets, logistics, and much more.

With smart contracts, business operations can be automated or streamlined. Smart contracts can be triggered upon payment and executed to do whatever you want. This holds great potential in a vast array of fields.

Optimize an existing business with blockchain technology or use blockchain as the backbone of your new startup. We can offer advice on the deployment of blockchain in your business, assess the possibilities it holds for your business, and analyze the potential for optimization. Contact us today and begin exploring blockchain’s potential to start or grow your business.


Buy and Sell with Credit Card

Buying and selling with a credit or debit card is one of the most popular ways to buy cryptocurrency. It shouldn’t be confusing or hard to do, like with so many other exchanges. We make it easy and we offer competitive fees when doing so.

Sometimes, when you purchase cryptocurrency online you encounter issues with the exchange you are buying it from. Online exchanges often have strict regulatory requirements that get in the way of establishing an account with them. Since we are a trusted physical Bitcoin shop, you will not experience this kind of issue.

There are times when your bank will not authorize a charge to these exchanges on your credit or debit card. That’s why it’s better to carry out your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions with a local Bitcoinshop that you can trust. While many online exchanges have great reputations and are highly trusted, they do not have a physical presence.

Our branches in Istanbul and Dubai represent tangible, physical locations that takes the advantages of digital cryptocurrency and brings them to you, giving them the same tactile and real-world experience you would get from the grocer or the barbershop.
Our competitive fees make buying or selling cryptocurrency with a credit or debit card worry-free. Plus, our employees are there to help you if you encounter any questions or difficulties. Our friendly employees take great customer service and combine it with the same convenient capability of buying or selling crypto with a credit or debit card that you would have online.


Get help from our Experts

After making an appointment with our experts, we will meet with you and explain to you how cryptocurrency works, giving you guidance on which cryptocurrencies to buy or sell. It can be very confusing to make sense of cryptocurrency without a technical or financial background. This shouldn’t prevent anyone from successfully investing in cryptocurrency. You don’t need any special knowledge about cryptocurrency. We will help you start from the very beginning—to create an account, buy/sell bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, market analysis and everything you need to invest in cryptocurrency.